Över Regnbågsbron

Våra älskade hundar som lämnat jordelivet och väntar på oss på andra sidan. Vi ses igen.

The only thing wrong with dogs is that they can´t live forever…


Prayer for a departed pet

We have walked the earthly ways together

For many days, but never long enough.

I stand here now, your friend, to see you off. 

Upon a journey that can have no end.


May I see your eye when I see the sun, 

And feel your breath when the wind blows by me.

I´ll recall your love when the moon is bright,

And keep you near to my heart and my mind.


Now, pass the gates, beyond that rainbow bridge,

And go with steadfast, loyal, joyful heart.

My voice goes with you, through that open door,

To tell all the Spirits of your deeds and love.


They will greet you and keep you safe beyond

That quiet veil of mist and inner light.

We will meet again one day, my good friend,

And you will guide me on that endless path.


By Rev. Michael J Dangler.